What would you have done?

I’m seeing a lot of sympathy for Weathers on message boards and a couple of other blogs … mostly about how tough a spot he was in … I don’t know … I know it seems silly to walk Pujols intentionally with the bases loaded … but I don’t see how you can serve one up right over the middle of the plate to that guy. He’s a freak … he’s superhuman. He’s hitting .336 with 30 home runs (now 31). I’d rather face anyone else in Major League Baseball, let alone on the Cardinals. Dusty’s post-game quote bothered me …

(If you walk him) then you’ve got the tying run at second base with (Ryan) Ludwick up there. He hit 37 home runs last year. It’s a tough call.

Ludwick is hitting .235 this year! I could care less that he hit 37 home runs last year. Would you rather battle a guy who’s hitting .235 but had a good year last year or serve one up right down the middle to the best hitter in baseball who’s hitting .336 with 30 dongs and has beaten you time and time again?? No brainer. I can’t justify giving Pujols anything to hit in that at-bat.

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