WTF! Rough night for Marty

Did anyone listen to Marty and Jeff at all tonight? Pretty memorable. First of all, the “Ask Marty” question (where Marty answers any question, baseball or non-baseball related) was “What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?” Marty replied by saying he’s a big fan of “Ebony and Ivory,” a 1982 No. 1 single by Paul McCartney and … Stevie Wonder. Yes, MJ did a couple of very popular songs with McCartney (“Say Say Say” and “The Girl Is Mine”) but “Ebony and Ivory” is not one of them. So the phone’s apparently ringing off the hook at WLW, people pointing out that MJ had nothing to do with “Ebony and Ivory” and poor Marty is apologizing left and right.

Then, I wasn’t listening but heard from a reliable source (maybe you heard it too) that Marty got a message from Seg Dennison that just said “WTF” (related to the “Ebony and Ivory” debacle). And poor Marty indicated ON THE AIR that Seg had sent him a message that just said “W-T-F” and that Marty had no idea what that means. More phone ringing off the hook at WLW. And let’s hope no kids were listening. :D

To make matters worse, Marty REPEATEDLY referred to Mets starting pitcher Fernando Nieve as “Juan.” I’m guessing it had something to do with confusing him with former Brewers hurler (of the late ’80s) Juan Nieves. Who, by the way, suffered a career-ending arm injury after just three seasons in the majors. Though he did no-hit the Orioles during a 14-8 season in 1987. Currently the bullpen coach for the ChiSox.

Marty was, of course, joking about all of it afterwards (though he didn’t specifically mention “WTF” during the postgame) with some self-deprecating humor. Pretty outstanding.

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  1. Mike_R

    I heard it all and it was great. He seemed pretty amused by it all and its nice to have a jovial Marty rather than the soul crushingly negative Marty.
    but i love Marty b/c he is cranky.

    other big news from tonight is the new word coined by The Cowboy…which I can't remember now. Was it "visionage?"

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