New Day, Same Result

LOS ANGELES– I had a feeling this would happen. The Reds jump out to a quick 3-0 lead in the top of the first against a guy who hasn’t thrown a major league pitch in 2 years. They had him on the ropes. This could be their night. It wasn’t even their inning. Dodgers get 4 in the bottom f the first to take the lead…and they never looked back.
The Reds made some noise later, but no one in the stands seemed to think it was going anywhere…they were right.

Some keen sharp-witted observations from the Left Field Pavillion.

Californians (at least SOUTHERN Californians) are all cheerleaders inside. They love to cheer. Yell. Whatever. Chant. Clap. Its like a stadium full of kindergarteners.They started the wave in the 2nd inning….They were bored by the 2nd inning! Some believe i’m just a cranky midwesterner. Guilty.

• BEACH BALLS. I HATE BEACH BALLS: So, the game is so dull you have to amuse yourself with beachballs. Fine, whatever. Have fun…oh wait., the beach ball might be smacked in my face by a some kid or worse…an adult that never grew up? Great. So even if i want to ignore the beach ball I have to be on guard for it?
2 years ago I grabbed one and gave it to the security guard who disposed of it. EVERYONE boo’d. Proudest moment of my life.
• LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS: Ok, its not that bad and i’m not that cranky. One thing I love about California is they are head over heels in love with Baseball. Lots of people play and tons of big time players come from here. I can respect that.

• DODGER STADIUM IS GREAT: Its old, it lacks luxury boxes (it has some, but not what a team in LA should have) and the parking is $15, but the setting is grand, the views are spectacular and the weather (normally) is perfect. Later this summer i’ll head to Aneheim to compare.

• TONIGHT WILL BE DIFFERENT: I hope. My seats tonight are behind home plate in the uppper, upper deck. Still, not bad for $9. I have an aversion to paying too much for tickets. I go for quantity over quality. Hopefully Homer can continue to shine and shut these clowns down. I need a win.


  1. Mike_R

    The manny do-rag with dreads is $25. If you want one pay pal me the cash and i'll get you one. I know you are dying to have one.

  2. Dan

    Totally on the fence about the Manny do-rag.


    I'm with you on beach balls, man are they annoying. Had to deal with it earlier this year at a Reds game. A lot of people felt the need to try and hit it as hard as possible. I was holding Henry, trying to watch the game, but keeping an eye on the ball. I ended up barely blocking one from smacking him in the face. Man I just wanted to pop the thing. I felt like the grouchy old man, but hey it really is lame. Watch the f'n game.

  4. Bay Rat North West

    Angels stadium is waaaaayyyyy better. Easier access and better seats.

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