Dodger Dogging It

LOS ANGELES– I defend baseball quite a bit. Too boring they say and i concede to them it can be a little dull in spots, but I tell them, “When its great there is nothing better.” The tension and excitement can be so intense you want to explode. I long for that feeling again, because my Reds just don’t have it in them anymore.

I swear this team needs a group heart transplant. Where is the pride? 0 for their last 11 at Dodger Stadium? Man up and get a win. This is pathetic.

Until this team has someone who takes losing personally and gets on his teammates things won’t change. A small market team can’t hang with the big boys on talent alone. Smaller teams need an edge and that edge is attitude and a killer instinct. Not coasting into 2nd and getting thrown out.


• CHEAP AND GOOD: Shh. Don’t tell anyone. Top Deck seats at Dodger Stadium are $9. They are also very good seats. Much better than higher priced seats closer to the action. Close isn’t always better. Sure, i’d like to sit lower stadium behind home plate, those seats are great, but middle deck…down the line are terrible seats and much more expensive. I was a top-six guy at Riverfront and a Top Deck guy at Dodger Stadium.

• FOREIGN EXCHANGE: I bought my ticket the day they went on sale. So did 250 people in a group of foreign exchange families. I was surrounded by German kids, Brazilians, Canadians, and a adorable Finnish girl who sat next to me and was quiet as a church mouse. It was actually pretty fun. I asked to be adopted as foreign exchange student from Cincinnati. They were having a great time and i’m pretty sure none of them were watching the game.

• SUNSET: The sunset view from the stadium was about 500X better than the game.

• CAN YOU GUESS THE ANSWER?: My Cracker Jack prize dropped a little knowledge on me.

• I’M NOT VERY NICE: I enjoyed it when Homer plunked Man-Ram. I was hoping a fight would break out b/c that was the only way to salvage that mess.

This guy here was recording his own play by play. Really.

• ONE CAN HOPE: Will tonight’s Manny Bobblehead come with a syringe?


  1. Dan

    Great post. Such a horrible game. Glad I was playing softball during most of it (yeah, I had a damn late game last night).

    Even being mobile phone photos, those sunsets are unreal. Might have to head out west next year for a Dodger Dog meat-up.

    Bring us home a win tonight, Mike!

  2. Mike_R

    btw. the cracker jack answer is…..ALEXANDER HAMILTON

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