Deep Into The Heart Of Mannywood

Manny Ramirez Bobblehead

LOS ANGELES– Well, I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. You just knew it would happen. Did I think he’d do it on the first pitch and drop it right into MANNYWOOD? Let’s not get crazy here.
That was a spectacular moment for 49,999 of the 50,000 fans in attendance. Still, it was an electric moment and I’ll be able to say I was there and I have the Bobblehead to prove it.

    1. I could suspend it for 50 games and put it in the closet
    2. It could demand a trade from the bookshelf to the top of the TV
  • I’M REALLY, REALLY HAPPY: That i’m not going to Dodger Stadium tonight. People with season tickets to baseball have got to be insane. I’m dead tired. Maybe its more fun when your team wins. Someone will have to tell me about that.
  • I AGREE WITH DAVE: The season is over. The big question now is will they get above .500 or be doomed to another losing season? I think the latter. Let the fire-sale begin. Too early you say? I think 94 games is a sufficient sample size to determine a pattern and the pattern is no clutch hitting and inconsistent everything.
  • DID YOU NOTICE? How blogger makes it looks like it says “Posted by MIKE_R AT.” Good by me, I’ll take it as a shout out to my Ludlow roots.
  • THANKS! For the OMG crew for letting me join the team. It was fun.



  1. Dave

    I'm going to ruffle some feathers with this tongue-in-cheek comment, but it's clear to me that – much like the Reds – the OMGReds starting rotation has been inconsistent (hell, myself included) as of late while our bullpen (aka MIKE_R AT) has been solid.

    Mike, you've been like Arthur f'in Rhodes this week … nice work man.

  2. Dan

    I agree with Dave. Game needs to be raised. Mike… tremendous job out west. Thank you.

  3. Mike_R

    well. It was just 3 games. Baseball is a long haul. No way I could keep up the pace. You guys do a great job.

  4. Alina

    I also agree with Dave…

    Thanks !

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