How bad is it?

I know that getting swept by the best team in baseball isn’t quite as bad as getting swept by, say, the Royals … and really it feels like crap to get swept by anyone … things just aren’t looking good six games below .500 and in fifth place.

Barring a double-digit win streak in the not-too-distant future (which seems highly unlikely at this point), it’s just about time to stick a fork in the Reds … yet again. Which is a shame because Joey Votto is THE MAN.

Some ugly numbers:

• The Reds are 2-8 on the road this month.

• In their last six games, the team batting average is .228. They have had 43 hits and 41 strikeouts.

• The Padres are the only National League squad with a worse team batting average on the season. And the Reds are hitting just .238 this year with runners in scoring position.

• The Reds’ starting pitchers have lost 40 times this season, tied for the lead in the National League in that category. Three pitchers (Harang, Arroyo and Owings) have combined for 29 of those losses.

• There really haven’t been that many occasions where the pitcher left in position for a win but the game was blown by the bullpen. That’s only happened 5 times (only St. Louis has fewer with 3). What the Reds VERY rarely do is come back to tie or take the lead when the pitcher leaves in position for a loss. They’ve done that a league-low six times this season.

• Only two NL teams (Washington and, believe it or not, Los Angeles) have fewer quality starts than the Reds. But the Reds don’t score 5.03 runs per game like the Dodgers do; they score 4.06/game, which ranks 14th in the league.

• The Reds have only had 287 baserunners score this season. Only San Diego has fewer. L.A. has 390.

The silver lining? Mike’s posts (below) from L.A., which I found informative and entertaining.

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