Let’s make a deal

UPDATE: The Toronto Blue Jays have traded third baseman Scott Rolen to the Reds in exchange for third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and pitchers Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart after Rolen agreed to waive his no-trade clause to complete the deal.

The Reds traded Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Yankees for catcher Chase Weems.

Earlier, CBS’ Danny Knobler said the Reds would send one or more other players along with Encarnacion, and that the teams were discussing how much of Rolen’s remaining salary (about $4 million for the rest of this year and $11 million for 2010) the Jays would pick up.

So the question is … why would we want to add Rolen now when we’re no longer in contention?


  1. warnickart.com

    not a fan of this trade either. i also read that the reds have pretty much backed off the deal which is good to hear.


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