Rolen trade

Daugherty is on the money with his take on the trade. And’s Buster Olney calls it ‘without question the most widely panned pre-deadline trade within the industry’. It’s a real head-scratcher. And what Doc doesn’t specifically mention but I’ll add is this … I don’t understand how you could make this deal knowing (at the time) that there was a very real possibility (and don’t tell me they didn’t know because I was reading last week about how Edinson Volquez was probably going to need Tommy John surgery) they’d be without Volquez for a long time.

Who’s in your starting rotation next year (since this year is over) after Johnny Cueto – your ace – who is 8-8 this year? Harang, who leads the majors in losses at 5-13 a year after he went 6-17; Owings, who is second in the majors with 11 losses and has a 5.35 ERA; Arroyo, who is tied for third in the majors in losses with 10, has a 5.10 ERA and has proven he is a .500 pitcher yet again this year (not a No. 2 starter) and Bailey, who has a 7.06 ERA in 8 starts this year. Are you sure you really don’t want to hold onto Roenicke or Stewart and just see if they could compete for one of these spots next spring?

Plus, as Doc alluded to, how many good years do we think Rolen realistically has left? I think it’s safe to say he’s never going to hit .314 with 34 homers and 124 RBIs again like he did in 2004. I understand that Edwin was only hitting .209 this year (though in fairness he has been banged up and wrist injuries are tough for hitters) and Rolen is an upgrade offensively and defensively but all of a sudden we’ve got some major question marks with our starting rotation. I don’t know, I just don’t get it.

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  1. Amos

    I'm tired of hearing about how great Harang looked last night, how he looks like the Harang of 2007 (Brantley). You know what … he's 5-13 … and over the past two seasons, he's 11-30. PLEASE get rid of him … they must have someone who they can pay A LOT less money who can do better than 5-13.

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