OMGRoad Trip: Kings Island!

UPDATE: Just read this …

The UC football team will be at Kings Island from 1-3 p.m. Sunday for its annual Meet the Team event. There will be a short program on the main stage of International Street underneath the Eiffel Tower (same stage where the Reds event was Monday).

Following the program, the players will take part in a 30-minute autograph session.

Original post …

One OMGReds contributor (who wishes to remain anonymous) was pathetic enough to take the day off to go with his son to Kings Island. Reds Rally Pack on hand, doing what else but hurling T-shirts into the enthusiastic crowd. Q&A session at 1 p.m. featured Nick Masset, Paul Janish, Jay Bruce and Chris Dickerson, who fielded questions from kids in the audience. All were candid and seemed like they enjoyed participating. We stayed for about 15 minutes and then left to ride some rides (when we figured out the hard-hitting questions weren’t going to get asked). Came back at 3 p.m. and waited for the other players (for the later session) to show up but one of them must’ve been running late because it was several minutes past 3:00 and they were asking everyone to be patient and wait five more minutes for the players to come out. We left.

Anyway, couple of thoughts and observations:

1. Would it kill the Reds to tack on a “Sorry, no autographs” when describing the event if the players aren’t going to sign at all? Now I fully realize that this event was designed for young Reds fans and that I’m pathetic for hoping to get something signed at this event, even if it was a picture of my kids with one of the players that was there. When I read …

It’s Reds Day at Kings Island Monday, August 17, as park visitors will have an opportunity to see some of their favorite Cincinnati Reds stars, along with the Reds Rally Team, Mr. Redlegs and Gapper.

This special event continues a joint partnership between Kings Island and the Reds and includes Q&A shows in the International Showplace Theatre, prizes, and much more.

… I thought it seemed like maybe they’d be signing. The “much more” I guess.

And the link on Kings Island’s Web site actually said “the chance to get an autograph.”

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s only fair to be up front with fans who are considering attending. And believe me, there were a ton of people who showed up with 8x10s and balls and stuff.

2. I would have paid money to have a kid in the audience ask the panel of players the following question (I don’t think questions were pre-screened but I have no idea.): “How do you guys lose three out of four at home to the Nationals??”


  1. Amos

    hmmmm .. so I can go to KI and get autographs from players from the football team that went to the Orange Bowl and are picked by some to win the Big East again, but the guys on the baseball team that's 50-67 and just lost 2 of 3 to the Nats won't sign.

  2. Amos

    I meant 3 of 4 to the Nats

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