Finally! Stirrups!

Joey Votto and his stirrups

OMG! Stirrups!

Joey Votto with stirrups

Lookin' good, Jo-eh!

Yes! Someone on the Reds finally donned THE STIRRUP. An honest-to-god stirrup. None other than Mr. Joey Votto is wearing stirrups tonight against the Giants, not a the full-length red sock. We’re stoked. Maybe he took our suggestion (or C Trent’s?) and ordered a pair? It’s a great look and seems to be having a bit of a resurgence around the league. Maybe a couple of other Reds will follow suit? The question is… who will be next? Any guesses out there? I’ll put my money on Adam Rosales.


  1. karen4oh

    Stirrups are sweet…but Votto would look good in ANYTHING. (Sorry to be such a girl!)

  2. Dan

    Oh, don't you and The Cowboy both know it!

    But yeah, they look great. Wonder what the story is on why Joey switched? It's a long season… maybe he's just switching things up for the sake of it?

  3. brs3842

    They look okay, but I don't think you guys have ever worn them. I wore them a little bit when I played college ball, not only do they feel like you are standing on a rope, but they are hard to maintain as well. May be why they aren't as popular anymore…

  4. Dan

    I can't speak for all of us, but yes, I did wear them up until the last few years of high school when they pretty much disappeared from all levels of baseball. And yes, I was glad to see them go at the time – they are not comfortable :)

    I really wish the look would come back… I can't believe no one has come up with a way to make them more comfortable. Instead of the full, thick sock being a full loop at the bottom, why can't they make them with a thin elastic material that wraps under the foot? That would be hella more comfortable.

    ah… whatever :)

  5. Robert

    It is great to see Votto wearing the stirrups and the high-cuffs. He looks like an honest-to-god ballplayer, and not some slacks-wearing bum.

  6. Dave

    I wore them for several years too. And for a couple of years I had the socks with the stripe to make it look like you were wearing stirrups.

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