Need to know

OMGReds was on hand for the Bats’ game against the Mud Hens in Toledo last night, and Todd Frazier absolutely CRUSHED a ball off the SeaGate Centre (left field) that would still be airborne if not for the building’s huge wall – his first Triple-A dong.

But what I can’t find anywhere is the approximate distance of Frazier’s bomb – it’s not in the gamer on or the story.

It had to have gone at least 400 feet. Anyone see the figure anywhere? Pretty cool to absolutely club one for your first Triple-A homer … in front of your brother (who plays for the Mud Hens), no less :D

Also, thoroughly enjoyed watching Juan Francisco play for the first time. Dude is raking – .405 with three homers and 10 RBIs since getting called up from Double-A Carolina last Saturday. Which begs the question: Why do we need Rolen again? For next year, when we’re probably going to suck anyway? I would imagine Francisco will be ready by 2011.

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