Reds last 13 games = good!

Just caught some interesting stats about the Reds, now that the season is near over. Sure, a couple of teams would have to suffer spontaneously combustion for the team to even make it into a pennant race, but these numbers are pretty solid:

Since August 23:*
Record: 11-2 (best record in baseball)
Team average: .283
Runs per game: 5.2
Team ERA: 3.31

All right then! Well, I’m no coach, but I guess my advice would be whatever’s happening now, um… just do that at the beginning of the season. And more often throughout the season. I had to suffer through that awful Jim Breuer/Pizza Hut commercial 100 times to get you this information, so I hope y’all appreciated it. Jackpot.

*According to my friends at MLBnet

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  1. Dan

    Jim Breuer always did bug the hell out of me.

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