Just a Good Night at the Ball Yard

We had the pleasure of meeting two kick-ass Reds fans tonight, Jordan and Jacob, who certainly are not fair weather gents. Check out the paint job these guys pulled off. Complete with numbers on their backs. This helmet sundae’s for you guys! Their buddy who was in tow apparently didn’t get the memo and wore a grey t-shirt. COME ON!!! Seriously, this is kick-ass. Glad there are some die-hards sill out there. These guys got mad action on the jumboTRON tonight… We’re sure they were all over the FSN broadcast as well.

Reds fans

Reds fans

Other notables from the game tonight (that mostly have nothing to do with the game):

Got a kick-ass deal on a pair of authentic jerseys at the Reds team shop. Picked up a red alternate “Cool Base” Majestic of David Ross and a grey away jersey of Ryan Freel for $25 a piece! We’ll take C Trent’s suggestion and get “STUBBS” on that back of the Freel jersey. Sorry, Farney. Dare we get “CASTILLO” on our #26? HAHA.

GABP Fruit Stand by Findlay MarketGABP now has a fruit stand. How awesome is that? We first heard about it from C Trent today and wanted to check it out. It’s so nice to have some fresh food options at the ballpark now. Love me some hotdogs, nachos and LaRosa’s calzones, but a lot of times we just don’t want to fill up on junk. Had a Gala apple for $1.50 and a smoothie drink thing for $5.00. Feelin’ good too. A few other folks on Twitter are stoked about it as well. We’ll get back to the beers and sundaes this weekend, don’t worry. More on the fruit stand from The Packer

Ummm… is Engine Company 3 the best engine company in the city? Without a doubt!

It was a BEAUTIFUL night downtown Cincinnati. Just awesome. Prefect temperature, not a cloud in the sky. Those nights at the ballpark are wonderful.

Found a penny.

And the Reds win! Matt Maloney gets his frist MLB win… Cordero locks it down in the ninth. Fun game to watch.

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