Reds HOF All-Access Baseball Experience

This was a pretty outstanding afternoon. If you missed it, just hope they do it again next year or whenever and set aside $40 if you’re a Reds Hall member ($50 if you’re not) and do it. Rick Walls and everyone involved (from Kerry Rowland, who explained a lot of things we’d always wondered about … to Seg Dennison talking about the radio broadcast … to John Erardi discussing how the media covers the game) really did a great job with this; I was very impressed with how accomodating everyone was and how hard everyone worked to give people their money’s worth and answer every question (even some bad ones). And if the price kept you away, take my word for it that it’s worth $40 just to have George Foster give you batting tips and make fun of you (in a good-natured way) at the same time. Everything else was gravy.

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    looks like you had a pretty good time. was there many people? how'd you do in the cage?

  2. Dan

    Yeah, how did you handle the wood, bro? haha

    What did you end up hitting on the radar gun? Did you win an Oakland Athletics replica batting helmet for guessing the correct speed on the final pitch?

    It would be fun if the Reds opened up the cages a few times during the winter. I think that would be a great outing. Take a few cuts, then head up to the FSN club thing for some beers, all the while George Foster is giving you hell every step of the way. Rock on!

  3. Dave

    I did pretty well in the cage actually … I was pleasantly surprised. I think George said "nice shot" on about 4 of my 12 hits.

    LMAO over the Oakland replica helmet, Dan. Great idea seriously though about the batting cage/beer event … you would think that would be a no-brainer and they could probably charge $20 with one beer ticket provided (you pay if you want more) kind of a deal. Open the FSN club for an hour after the cages and have MLB playoffs and/or college football on … why not?

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