Crosley Field on 8mm

Check out this great footage shot by Reds fan Paul Hurst during one of the last games at Crosely Field in 1970. Filmed with a Kodak 8mm camera, this footage has a great nostalgic quality, almost dream-like. I always enjoy seeing the fan’s perspective at long-gone ballparks of the past. This particular video is reminiscent of the 2008 Fox Sports series, Baseball’s Golden Age. In fact, so much that I can hear Alec Baldwin narrating the video in my head… but as 30 Rock Alec Baldwin, not narrator Alec Baldwin. It’s a bit funnier in my head that way. Regardless, enjoy it however you like, okay?

With all the hubbub about the recently found Babe Ruth footage, it’s fun to dig stuff like this out – even if it’s not quiet as old or as mysterious.

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