It’s Rob… Mr. Dibble if you’re nasty

Rob Dibble - As Nasty as you want him to be
Former Red and “Nasty Boy” Rob Dibble has his own clothing line out these days, dubbed “Nas Tee™”. Based on a logo (named “Stitch”) designed by Dibble’s tattoo artist, Jesse Aristroy, this new clothing line is certainly ummm… nasty. Here’s a bit more about “Stitch” from an entry on Dibs’ MySpace Page.

Stitch is whatever you want him to be! When I asked my Kick Ass Tattoo guy and good friend, (Jesse Aristoy) to come up with a cool logo that represented Dibble Baseball, The Mighty Stitch was born. He was born from the ashes of my heart, from my blood and my sweat. That’s when Jesse gave him life. My lovely wife Jonna, thought we should share him with you, so we will…. Stitch will help you get through the tough times, be ever so humble with you in times of success.Soon Stitch will be all over shirts, hats, buses and anything else we can think of…He’s not just ours, He’s here to help you! SO Work Hard, Fight the pain, Don’t ever f…… give up! It isn’t going to be easy, but anything worth having, never is… Success means NOTHING if you don’t earn it… Do you think you can hack it? Do you think you’re HARD enough? Cool, then you can be apart of Stitch’s team.

We didn’t think MySpace was around anymore. Anyways…

While the “Nas Tee™” line is small now, they cover the bases (hey!) with styles for men, women, kids and infants. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for baddest “Nasty Boy” of them all, check out his Zazzle merch! Sip on some nasty from this coffee mug, pimp your doggie out in this getup, rock an apron ’round da kitch or surf the information superhighway while using this state-of-the-art mouse pad. We’re a tad disappointed that the men’s neckwear hasn’t been introduced yet. We could use a set of those for important OMGreds meetings and public speaking engagements.

While you’re at it, check out Dibs’ official website. If you’re not up for that, just do your best to “Think Nasty.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, we couldn’t resist…


  1. Chris Knight

    Rob Dibble, trying his damndest to live up to the legacy of Kenny Powers….

  2. Dan

    OMG! Forgot about Kenny Powers!

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