So Joe Morgan rolls a Honda, playin’ workout tapes by Fonda

Joe Morgan, rollin' the Honda Del Sol

Joe Morgan, rollin' the Honda Del Sol

Everyone’s favorite Emmy-winning baseball announcer, Joe Morgan, has an announcement of his own: The opening of Joe Morgan Honda in Monroe, Ohio.

Now, settle down folks, we know you’ve had your eye on that Fit for a while now, but you’ll just have to wait. Joe Morgan Honda probably won’t be opening its doors until next summer, at the earliest. So, we have plenty of time to sit around and dream about how fantastically awesome the commercials starring the Hall of Fame second baseman will be. Early word* is the commercials will likely give Bronson Arroyo and Chris Welsh a serious run for their money. Let the showdown begin.

*Totally made up


  1. Gina

    This headline kills me. Thanks!

  2. Dan

    You're welcome, Gina.

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