Zombie Bobbleheads

Zombie Adam Dunn Bobblehead
Just watchin’ the World Series, makin’ Zombies with Zombieland’s Zombify Yourself. Looks like Adam Dunn Bobblehead had a run-in with an undead while try to sneak down to the blue seats before a game at Riverfront. I told him not to go so early, the ushers are pretty hard to get past before the 3rd inning. You gotta be sly. Adam Dunn Bobblehead just didn’t listen and got himself Zombied.

Post a comment with your own Reds themed Zombies if you like.

Eric Davis Zombie

Poor Eric Davis Bobblehead was on his way to the speed pitch up in the yellow section of Riverfront. Unfortunately, he could never remember what section it was in and walked all the way around the stadium only to run into Zombie crawling out of a hot dog stand. He and his gold chains never had a chance. You would think he would use his bat, but he just couldn’t get it off his shoulder.

80s Adam Dunn Zombie
Dunn just has problems, right? Well, this is actually from eating too many FuNachos. Those knock-off “nachos” will do that do ya. Oh, and looking like Spencer Pratt isn’t helping things either.

Tom Browning Zombie
Ol’ Tommy B, much like the Dodgers on Sept. 16, 1988, ran into a buzzsaw. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Zombie Craig Wilson
Our favorite mullet, Craig Wilson actually got himself zombied down in Sarasota while in spring training with the Reds. Why he was still wearing his Pirates uniform is beyond us. I guess he just couldn’t give it up…. or he knew that he wouldn’t be wearing a Reds uniform anytime soon.

Zombie Mr. Redlegs
Well, not exactly a bobblehead, but this Mr. Redlegs at GABP is creepy enough on his own.

Hat Tip on the Zombie maker: JT at The Writer’s Journey


  1. thewritersjourney

    Lovin' it!

  2. Dan

    Thanks, JT. You provided the inspiration. I might have to go check out Zombieland now!

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