Redsland Forever

C.F. Payne - Redsland Forever
Looking for a Redlegs fix? Head up to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Thursday, November 12 for the unavailing of a limited edition art print by Cincinnati artist C.F. Payne. Redsland Forever features fourteen illustrated caricatures of Cincinnati Reds legends spanning 140 years of Reds baseball, including Eric Davis, Chris Sabo, Joe Nuxhall and members of the Big Red Machine.

The event at the Art Museum is free and features an informal lecture from the artist. If that’s not enough to get you over the baseball blues now that the season is officially over, Chris Sabo himself will be meeting and greeting with guests before the lecture. Nice!

Signed & framed ($250) as well as unsigned ($50) prints will be available at the event. Proceeds from sale of these prints will benefit the Reds Community Fund’s baseball-themed outreach programs and the Cincinnati Art Museum. More at

We’re thinking of heading to the event. The Cincinnati Art Museum is always a great place to visit. Combine that with the Reds and some cocktails and we’ll more than likely show up.

Check out more of C.F. Payne’s work on his website: Payne’s illustrations have graced the covers of many magazines, from Time Magazine to Sports Illustrated and even MAD Magazine. He has been commissioned to paint countless politicians, authors and entertainers. Works by Mr. Payne’s hang in many prestigious museums and galleries around the world. If you’re like us, check out the sports section in his portfolio. You’ll likely enjoy his subject matter and style.

If you do make it to the event next week, make sure to stick around and view more of Payne’s work, as he has an exhibit up at the Cincinnati Art Museum through January 10, 2010.

In summing up the inspiration for Redsland Forever, C. F. Payne said:

In making this picture, “Redsland Forever,” I have tried to capture a sliver of the spirit, pride and love Cincinnati has for our Redlegs. We are America’s first professional team. The 140-year history of the Cincinnati Reds has given so many in our community thrills, joy, heartbreak, pandemonium, sadness, happiness, glee, suffering, amazement and good times with the kids. The Cincinnati Reds also have given us players we have come to know and admire. The affection for this team is real.

I love baseball. I love the history of baseball. And, I love the Cincinnati Reds.

Reds included in the print: Harry Wright, Barry Larkin, Johnny Vander Meer, Eric Davis, Chris Sabo, Ernie Lombardi, Paul Derringer, Ewell Blackwell, Joe Morgan, Sparky Anderson, Joe Nuxhall, Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, Ted Kluzewski.

More details comin’ at ya:

What: Unveiling of Redsland Forever, a commemorative print by C.F. Payne
Where: Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202
When: Nov. 12, 2009 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Admission: Free
Information: (513) 639-2922 or


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