Southpaw - the Lynchburg Hillcat
Recent focus groups have told us that OMGreds is pretty much the last place you look for Reds news and updates. Especially those of the “BREAKING” variety. With that, we’ll just assume that you already know that the Lynchburgh Hillcats are replacing the Sarasota Reds as the advanced Class A affiliate within the Reds’ farm system. Check out Better Off Red for details that are informative, useful and that make sense.

Lynchburg Hillcat - CUTE!!!Now, that’s all fine and dandy. What we want to point out, is how COOL the Hillcat mascot, Southpaw is. Think about it…. Hillcat. Hill. Cat. Plus, he’s a crafty left-hander. That’s one potentially fierce animal. Well, at least it sounds fierce. We really have no clue what the hell a Hillcat is.

So, we asked our buddy, Wikipedia. He said: “You talkin’ ’bout a HELLcat?

Wiki’s response was, of course, in a cranky, grumpy old man voice. Kinda funny. Anyways…

We then asked our other buddy, Facebook. He’s got the answer:

The Hillcat is a fictitious cousin of the bobcat, which is indigenous to northeast Oklahoma. The Hillcat also draws its name from “College Hill,? a traditional nickname for RSU. It was selected by a committee of RSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community.

Damnit. Oklahoma? Ah… RSU… Rogers State University in Oklahoma. These might not be the Hillcats we’re looking for.

Well, we can’t really find out why the Lynchburg chose the name “Hillcats” but we can surmise that since the area is surrounded by mountains, there are probably a lot of cats in them there hills. Hillcats. Makes sense to us!

Now, if you’re a Reds fan looking to jump on the Hillcat bandwagon early, pick yourself up one of the sweet game-used jerseys they have on sale right now. You’ll be in good company – who knew that Darth Sidious was a Hillcat fan? Right on!

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