Happy Thanksgiving

Joey Votto Turkey Red

Joey Votto - Turkey Red

A big Happy Thanksgiving from the homies here at OMGreds! We hope that you’re spending time with your loved ones and not reading this blog. We have a lot to be thankful this year – mostly our fans. All nine of you. It’s been a great year and we will do our best to continue bringing our “AA” game throughout the off-season, spring training and most of the regular season.

We’re going to be heading to the Moeller High School Sports Card and Memorabilia Show this weekend. We need to say hi to our good buddy Eddie Milner, as he’s making an appearance at the show. Make sure you get the OMGscoop from us on the Twitters. Should be rad.


  1. thewritersjourney

    Man I forgot about the Moeller show. I'm supposed to work tomorrow, but I'm not feeling the best so I'll probably call in sick. I usually like to go to card shows near the end, when the dealers are packing up and looking to dump stuff cheap so they don't have to pack it.

  2. Dan

    That's a great strategy. Might have to try that next time around. Hope you feel better!

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