2010 Reds Bobbleheads: The OMGreds predictions

Adam Dunn Bobblehead

Let's not do this again

To be absolutly up-front, we do have a touch of inside knowledge about the 2010 Reds Bobblehead lineup. That one peice of knowledge is…. drumroll….. the Reds will feature FOUR bobblehead games in 2010, one being a “Fan’s Choice” similar to last year’s giveaway that resulted in an Edison Volquez bobblehead. Yeah, we know… it’s pretty cool to have such great inside knowledge right? Don’t be so jealous!

Alright, what we don’t know is who will be featured on those four bobbleheads. That’s the fun part though, right?. In the past (’08 ’09), we’ve tried to fortell the future, to only mixed results.

As a primer, here’s a rundown of Bobbleheads of Reds past.

Without further adieu, Here’s our stab at the 2010 Reds bobblehead lineup:

Francisco Cordero
Francisco Cordero

Coco is a lock. Cordero was the Reds’ lone All-Star representative in 2009 and had a pretty good season anchoring the bullpen. Given he hasn’t been featured in any Reds giveaways up until now, it’s likely the Reds will honor him with his very own nodder in 2010.

Drew Stubbs
Drew Stubbs

Like Joey Votto and Jay Bruce last year, the Reds will most certainly give props to their promising young center-fielder after his coming out party in 2009. You can’t deny that this city is a little Stubbs-crazy right now. Expect Stubbs to get “The Nod.”

Johnny Cueto
Johnny Cueto

We’re not solid on The Big Cue being in lineup, but it makes sense. He’s becoming a fan-favorite and it’s another opportunity for the Reds to honor another young arm. We’re not sure where he finished in the Fan’s Choice vote from last year, but we’ll bet he was in contention. Did he get more votes than Sam LeCure? Well… it had to have been close.

Fans’s Choice
We have no clue

Option #1: We’ve heard that the Fan’s Choice vote will be done a little differently than it was last year. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we’re thinking it may feature a vote of players from the 1990 World Series team. 2010 is, after all, the 20th anniversary of the last Reds team to win a world championship. Now, here’s the trouble with that – several popular players from that team have been featured on bobbleheads in the past – Barry Larkin (twice), Chris Sabo and Eric Davis. Of course, who would get end up winning in a vote from the 1990 team? You got it – one of those three guys.

Johnny Bench

Option #2, AKA Thinking Too Hard: So, here’s another option, and one that we would fully back: A Fan’s Choice ballot that features players from the Reds Hall of Fame, possibly excluding players that have already been immortalized in ceramic. That would lead to an interesting vote considering that a lot of the Big Red Machine and Wire-to-Wire guys would be off the list. We would love to see it, but it seems a little complicated and everyone that got shafted on Johnny Bench Bobblehead Night in 2002 would want a second chance to get a Benchy Bobble and can’t.

Paul Janish!

Option #3: They just open up the 40-man roster and let the vote fly. It would be a little boring, but it would be interesting to see who folks vote for. Would Votto or Bruce get another bobblehead? Would a guy like Chris Dickerson get a lot of support? Does Rolen get a shot after only spending a month+ in a Reds uniform in 2009? Janish?

Joel Youngblood

OpciĆ³n de Cuatro: The Reds come up with some insane category: Clutch players, long-ball specialists, players from the ’60s, journeyman outfielders, mullets from the ’90s, Reds whose last name starts with the letter “Y“, players who remind Cincinnatian’s of Peter Edward Rose, guys who didn’t pet Schottzie before games, this list just goes on and on…

Further Consideration

Of course, we’re probably completely wrong on all of this. We can hear the Reds promotional staff laughing at us right now. It hurts, too. No worries, we’ll get over it.

Here’s a few more thoughts on guys that might sneak there way to bobblehead glory:

Chris Sabo
Chris Sabo

Even though he achieved glory with his own bobblehead in 2002, it’s not going to stop the Reds from making another one of him. With his recent surge in popularity with his impending induction to the Reds Hall of Fame, he’s a hot ticket right now. Reds fans have always loved him too. It just all makes sense. We would include him as a “lock” for a bobblehead this year, but we’re heard that he might show up in bobblehead form in a different type of giveaway, as in not a traditional stadium giveaway. It’s not a certainty, and we really don’t know much, but there may be a twist. If that doesn’t happen, expect Spuds to get his due along with Coco, Stubbs and others.

Joey Votto
Joey Votto

Yep, we’re calling it right here, right now. The Reds might pull a goofy one, ala this beauty, and get Joey nodding again for a second straight year. Votto in street clothes? Votto in an alternate uniform? Votto with a first baseman mitt? “Strange Brew” Votto? Finished 22nd in the NL MVP vote Votto? The sky is the limit, and the Reds might actually reach it on this one. You can pretty much count Jay Bruce in a similar category of duplication. Shoot, they might even put both of them on a dual bobblehead: The Bruce & Votto “Bosom Buddies” Bobble.

Homer Bailey
Home Bailey

After his stellar finish to the 2009 season, fans are lovin’ him. Right there with Volquez, Votto and Bruce, he’s a young face of the franchise and ripe from some promotional marketing. Too bad he doesn’t have the long locks… that would be another Bronson-esque nodder.

Chris Dickerson
Chris Dickerson

You can’t help but like this guy. We’ll venture to say that Dickerson is popular with the younger kids? Probably because the younger kids that kinda want to rebel against all their friends that proclaim Bruce or Votto as their favorite Red. Don’t worry, they’re sincere about it.

Scott Rolen
Scott Rolen

Stranger things have happened. We can’t ignore Rolen’s presence in the promotional landscape. He’s one of the best players of the last decade or so. Just because he hasn’t been a Red all that long doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a bobblehead. Now, will his promotional night draw a big crowd? That’s, of course, the big question.

Jonny Gomes
Jonny Gomes

The Reds haven’t re-signed him yet, and it’s pretty early to call, but if a Gomes nodder features him with a sombero… it’s on. That’s a sell-out, folks.

Giving up the Ghost
Vada Pinson

There are a few bobbleheads we would love to put on the self above our computer in the spare bedroom, but we’re just not going to see ’em. Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Vander Meer, Ernie Lombardi, Vada Pinson, Bucky Walters, Jim O’Toole… the list goes on. They’re all great Reds, but we’re not sure we’ll ever see ’em in bobblehead form.

So there you have it. We’d love to hear what you think. Let it fly!


  1. Dave


    Fan's Choice – 1990 team (and if players who have had one are excluded (which would be nice), I could see Paul O'Neill or maybe Hal Morris getting it)

    Wish list:

    It's been 20 years since Wire-to-Wire; let's get some deserving guys from that team whose bobbles we haven't given away before …

    Nasty Boys (that's right, a triple bobble)
    Danny Jackson (yeah, I know he was only 6-6 in '90, but he was still a part of the team and his 1988 season was one of the best in team history)
    Billy Hatcher
    maybe even Lou Piniella

    Wish list if they're not going to do the 1990 thing (guys who are long overdue):

    Ted Kluszewski
    Dave Parker
    Vada Pinson

  2. thewritersjourney

    I'd love to see a Big Klu bobble. He was one of my dad's favorite players and has become one of mine over time.

  3. Dan

    In light of Rijo's recent woes, I don't think we'll be seeing him around the Reds anytime soon.

    Billy Hatcher bobble? Um… Awesome!

  4. Bay Rat North West

    Longshot but Marge and Schottzie would be nice on the mantle over the fireplace.

  5. thewritersjourney

    Rolen – June 12
    Sabo – July 17
    Fans choice – July 31

    Those are the only ones I found on the schedule. They don't have a promotional calendar on the site yet, but if you click on the *'s on the schedule it shows what is planned. This is all subject to change, of course.

    There is also a Joey Votto "action figure" for May 29. Not sure what that's all about. Starting Lineup maybe?

  6. thewritersjourney

    Dan, what are Rijo's recent woes?

  7. Dan

    He was fired by the Nats this past year. He and his baseball academy in the Dominican Republic got caught up in a little scanse with players ages. Here's more on mlb.com


    It's too bad really, I would like to see him get some love from the Reds. It would have been great to see him at Redsfest as well. But, I imagine the Reds might keep him at arms length for the time being.

  8. Dan

    Ah, great find! I didn't look at the schedule yet. The action figure sound friggin' awesome.

  9. thewritersjourney

    Man, that stinks about Rijo. I hope he is able to get past all that stuff. It would be great to get him back in baseball in some capacity.

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