Barry Larkin definitely has Hall of Fame credentials for a shortstop – I hope we can all agree on that. Which is great because I used to argue (as recently as 2002) with two guys I worked with at si.com over whether he’d be a Hall of Famer. It’s possible these guys knew I was a big Reds fan and they were just busting my chops but they (at least said they) really thought Barry wasn’t quite Hall of Fame material. Whatever!

So the question is whether he gets in on the first ballot, right? It’s a pretty strong class of first-timers – I do think Roberto Alomar and Edgar Martinez are no-brainers and I think you could make a case for Fred McGriff and Andres Galarraga too. And Andre Dawson has got to get in one of these years, right? Probably Bert Blyleven as well. I’m afraid it might be too crowded for Larkin to get in on the first try. Might have to wait.

CNATI.com points out that Bob Castellini sent a letter to Hall of Fame voters, lobbying for Larkin (who, if you haven’t heard, will be at RedsFest on Friday).

By the way, Dave Parker thinks he belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We agree. OMGReds is pro-Cobra, in case we haven’t made that clear before.

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