Redsfest line
Redsfest weekend is a like a national holiday for OMGreds. It’s been a long week of buildup and anticipation, but we’re ready to go. Our threads are ironed and our autograph plan of attack is ready to go.

We’ve rocked Redsfest the past few years, and it’s a first-class fan event. It’s so well respected around baseball that fans of other teams are a bit jealous. We don’t blame them at all… we would be too.

We’re also pretty siked about the Cyclones game on Saturday night. Right after Redsfest closes up shop at 7:00, we’ll be heading down the 7:30 Cyclones game. What’s killer is that the ‘Clones will be sporting some fancy Reds-inspired sweaters. Check out Better Off Red and another local blog, Sports Design Blog for a couple of sneak peaks of the jerseys.

So, follow along with us this weekend. We’ll be pounding Tweets out like nobody’s business, posting photos and all that jazz. Here’s a few photos from Redsfest ’08 to whet your pallet.

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