2009 Redsfest: Night 1

Redsfest 2009
Wow, another great job by the Reds. Again, this is a first class-event, and this year’s is just as good or better than last year. 3/5 of the OMGreds crew was on hand tonight at various points to take in the action. We snagged some autos from Dusty Baker, Ron Oester, Mike Linclon, Nick Masset, Jay Bruce and others. We also heard that Barry Larkin was signing autographs for 2 HOURS! That’s awesome. This town loves him, and he knows it. Mad respect from us!

One cool thing about Redsfest is picking up some game-used stuff from the Reds Community Fund. Jerseys, bats, signed baseballs, you name it, they have it. Well, we picked up a couple of “Mystery Bag” game-used jerseys… we just can’t resist that stuff. We’ll post some photos and reaction from our haul soon.

We also heard a rumor that Rob Oester got into it with Chris Sabo about something and Spuds bailed on his autograph session (9:15 at the Reds Hall of Fame area). We didn’t witness it ourselves, but it’s all over the radio tonight. Crazy stuff.

Regardless, it’s time for us to get some rest and gear up for a long (and awesome) day tomorrow. As always, more on Twitter. See ya there!


  1. thewritersjourney

    I saw Sabo signing around 9:45 or so…even got pictures. But I didn't get in line for him, my dogs were killin' me. We stood in line for about 2 hours for Votto. My full report (or at least as full as you're gonna get from me) here.

  2. Dan

    Yep – you're right about Sabo. Apparently, he left, but ended up coming back and doing his autograph session. I've heard all kinds of different stories about what was going on. I have no clue what happened, really.

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