Redsfest: The Hangover

Pedro Borbon signing autographs at Redsfest 2009
PHEW – We’re whooped. What a great weekend. Just as the off-season is starting to show how long it is, we had this great oasis in Redsfest to get us through another couple of months. The Reds out-did themselves once again at this annual explosion of all things Reds. Even with three of us there, we didn’t get to experience everything Redsfest had to offer. Check out a few of the photos we took – wish we would have grabbed more!

Here are a few highlights:

Mystery Jersey Bags
At the Reds Community Fund game-used area they were offering brown bags with a unidentified player’s jersey inside for a reasonable $40. We just can’t resist this stuff. Two were purchased and we pulled a Juan Castro BP jersey and a Kent Merker BP jersey. What a fun idea.

Reds Hall of Fame VIP Member area
Two of us here at OMGreds are Reds Hall of Fame members and we really enjoyed the nice little perk the HOF offered in their area of Redsfest – a Hall of Fame Members VIP room. They had a nice little set-up using the Reds leather clubhouse couch and chairs, a flat-screen TV and a couple of more chairs and tables. It was a nice place to sit down and get away from the hustle and bustle of the Redsfest floor. But, they best thing was never knowing who else might be in there. At various different times over the weekend we got to chat at length the Ron Oester, Hall Morris, Lee May and Eric Davis. It was nice to talk with these guys in a relaxed situation. They were all great.

Herm Winningham
If you missed Herm this weekend, you really missed out. This guy is off the chain. He single-handedly kept an entire autograph line (along with Glenn Braggs and Tracy Jones) entertained for an hour on Saturday. The dude is a ham, there’s no doubt about it.

Chris Dickerson
Tell you what, Chris Dickerson is just fun to be around. That guy has a ton of energy and is pretty much always in a good mood. Even after a whirlwind media tour on Thursday, he still had plenty of energy for the fans at Redsfest all weekend. Plus, unlike a lot of guys in today’s game, he’s got a great signature. He’s old school like that. Overall, you can’t help but root for the guy.

Mario Soto’s Fedora
As mentioned on Redleg Nation, here’s Mario rockin’ the fedora, Indy Jones style.

The ‘Graphs
There’s no way around it, the biggest draw at Redsfest is the autographs. We’re all Reds fan-boys here and like collecting autographs. So, it’s heaven for us. Not sure the total count was for the three of us that were there, but it’s quite a pile. Here’s a shot of just my pile.

Here’s a pic of buff Glenn Braggs signing a fan’s card. Brandon Phillips was great with the fans, while looking Super-Fly. By the way, Dusty DID shake my hand.

Other Reds Fans
Tell you what, when you stand in autograph lines for a while, you get to know the folks around you, for good… and bad. We chatted it up with a ton of other fans, and they were great.

Other Fan’s Jerseys
Yeah we love the jerseys. Saw some great ones too… should have taken some photos, huh? Some highlights include a kid in a Dominican Rebulic WBC jersey, a guy in a ’30s-era Reds away jersey (beautiful), a few Davey Concepcion jerseys, any Dick Pole jersey, Of course, seeing a couple Sam LeCure jerseys in the game-used area was awesome for us. Not a jersey, but these pants were pretty special. Then, there was this guy in a Scott Ruskin jersey.

Old Junk
Yep, we love perusing the old junk at these shindigs. I saw a pair of Mr. Redlegs cuff links from the ’50s that I HAVE to have. Might be on the look out for those in the future.

There is always a lot of swag being thrown aound (literaly) at Redsfest. It’s fun to bring home a few foam baseballs, coupons for 1.50 off Banquet Boneless Chicken Nuggets and free kids meals at Bob Evans. We’re definitely going to use the coupon for 1 free fresh cut fry at City Barbeque. Awesome. The Topps Baseball cards were a nice touch too. They featured the 2010 card design, but were exclusive to Redsfest, as they did last year. One of our favorite blogs, The Writer’s Journey, has great scans of all eight cards in the set.

The Reds Blogging Community
What a great group. Redsfest was a chance for all of us to be in one place and get a chance to meet one another face-to-face. The nice thing about our little community is the support we all have for one another. There’s alot of respect and camaraderie in our little world, we’re all pulling for each other’s success, and of course for the success for the team we all love (and hate sometimes!), The Reds. It was great to meet folks from Red Reporter, Redleg Nation, Better off Red and to Tweet around with all the other Reds blogs and fans out there. Oh and that C Trent guy too.

So, to officially wrap up all this: We’re nuts about Redsfest.



  1. thewritersjourney

    Nice autographs! I would have liked to return on Saturday, but had other obligations. It's all good, though, there's always next year!

    Do you know when the Caravan is going through Lexington?

  2. Dan

    Yeah, I feel like a little kid when I shuffle through the autographed cards I got this weekend :)

    Caravan – I'm not sure. Not sure if the Reds have anything posted about the schedule yet, either.

  3. Redleg Nation

    I'm astounded by how much fun I had this weekend, my first Redsfest experience. It takes a lot to get me excited these days…kudos to the Reds.

    Next year, we need to have a more formal blogger get-together during Redsfest weekend. We have a year to plan it now.

    Anyway, great time….

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