Have Yourself an Awkward Little Christmas

Tommy Helms and the Newport Kroger Sax Man!
A new Kroger Marketplace opened up close to OMGreds headquarters so we decided to check it out last night. The best part? Reds Hall of Famer and 1966 NL Rookie of the Year Tommy Helms was there signing autographs. All was going well as we chatted it up with Mr. Helms and a Reds representative… until random dude showed up and asked if he could “serenade” Mr. Helms with his saxophone. Helms said it was okay and Sax Man went off to get his instrument of musical destruction. Before we know it, Sax Man is back and setting up to blow the roof off the sucka with a rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. It was unbelievably awkward. We were lucky enough to have no obligation to stay, so we snapped a photo and hauled ass to the deli section.

SnuggieTell you what, that Kroger Marketplace has a ton of stuff. We found these Snuggies, but were let down when they had no Reds-themed Snuggies or Snugglies or Fleecies or whatever they’re called. We’ll just have to survive the cold-harsh midwestern winter with just and old fashion Reds fleece blanket we snagged a Reds game last year.


  1. thewritersjourney

    Marty and Thom were at the new Kroger in Newport this week. My wife picked up a couple of autographs from them.

  2. Dan


    My wife wanted us to go early that morning as well. Marty and Thom were the only thing that had me remotely interested… alas, we didn't make it.

  3. Karleeee

    I like the blog name. ;) (check mine)

  4. Gina


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