So, watcha get?

Nike Reds Hoodie
Anyone out there in Redsland get any fun Reds stuff for Christmas? Santa brought me a few books, a Reds World Series DVD, a pretty sweet hoodie and a box of Topps 206. Of course, the best thing we all got was time with our families!

We hope everyone had wonderful Christmas… or if you don’t celebrate… a GREAT Friday :)


  1. pantherfanohio

    hoodie does look sweet. I already have the DVD.

    ….longing to see the new season of Reds Classic Rewind.

  2. Dan

    Oh yeah, Classic Rewind! Looking forward to that as well. MLB Network has been filling that void pretty well this off-season, but a good chunk of fun Reds games on FSN Ohio would be pretty dope.

  3. pantherfanohio

    I looked at the schedule on MLB Network online a month ago and saw some good stuff there. I wish I could get MLB Network. I think I saw one game listed for the Reds, like a 70s playoff game. At times I wish FSN Ohio would run replays of the Rewind. I missed a few the past few years due to having to work and missprogrammed by recorder to see them later.

  4. bayratnoerthwestNo Gravatar

    I only got one gift this year. A complete 1981 Topps Baseball card set. In complete, uncut sheets. Talk about a surprise!
    But I did pick up the book The Machine about the 1975 season. Pretty good stuff through the first 1/3 so far. Who knew Sparky Anderson was funny?

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