20 Ten: Our Goalz

Need more Helmet Sundae

In no particular order:

• Launch the OMGreds clothing line

• Build a scale model of Riverfront Stadium in Lego

• Crash the Diamond Seats AT LEAST three times this season

• Muster up the courage to ask Rosie Red to Spring Formal

• Get that Freel jersey changed to a Stubbs jersey

• Perfect our George Grande impersonation for parties and small, informal get-togethers

• Write, illustrate and publish an OMGreds children’s book

• Grow a full-on Bo Diaz mustache during the Reds’ 2010 playoff run

• TiVo ALL of Chris Welsh’s Tech Talks this year

• Throw out a ceremonial first pitch at the Reds game on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010.

• Share a “High-Five” with Joey Votto

• Start the GABP Drive-Thru Diet®

• Just keep postin’

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