What If? White Helmets

Dave Concepcion and Jay Bruce sporting white helmets for the Cincinnati Reds

We’re big fans of helmets around here at OMGreds. From Star Wars headgear to culinary containers, helmets touch all aspects of our lives. Inspired by previous attempts by the Reds to use white batting helmets and the UC Bearcats’ donning of white hats for the 2010 Sugar Bowl, we wanted to see what the modern-day Red would look like sporting a vanilla dome. As you can see above, the results are interesting, but should probably be left on the drawing board.

Of course, the Reds rocked white helmets with a red-trimmed bill in the mid-sixties, matching their hats at the time. It’s a look that made a lot of sense with that uniform design, and we would love to see it someday at GABP’s UDF Helmet Sundae stand. Of course, we’ll keep on dreaming.

If you also love the idea of a Reds white helmet and are rockin’ a 7 3/8″ melon, you can sport this bad-boy at opening day. Actually, please do, we would love to see it.


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