Bob Barker gets Sabo Bobblehead

Oh my, this is pretty awesome. Make sure to hang on ’til the 0:59 mark. More commentary later…

Oh, Carol… you’re awesome. Great idea to bring Bob a little gift from Reds country. No worries that Spuds’ bat is broken off, this is your chance to make an impression on Bob and the rest of the studio audience. You really did us proud. Plus, you’re pretty cute in your Cincinnati Reds t-shirt and white pants. Who cares that you didn’t make it to the Showcase Showdown? Little Morgan can go right ahead and win that Jeep Wrangler, Coleman camping set and grandfather clock. Whatevs.

Now, how cool is Bob? That guys plays the whole thing cool as a cucumber. Heck yeah, Chris Sabo likes Price is Right! Of course Bob Barker is pretty spiffy! Man, he is tan.

This show is from 2003… how did we not know about this sooner?

Phatty Hat Tip: Big League Stewvia Twitter

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