Best in baseball at any given time

So you’re waiting to find out whether Barry gets in on the first ballot and the suspense is killing you, right? Take a few minutes to read Joe Posnanski’s post about the best players in baseball at any given time. Strong work. (If you’re not familiar or you’re trying to figure out how you know that name, he’s the guy who wrote “The Machine: The Story of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds.”)

BTW (spoiler alert in case you read the post :) … Larkin doesn’t appear on any of the 5-year span lists, but Posnanski has written before about how he feels strongly that Barry is a Hall of Famer and insisted he would vote for him.


  1. nick in vaNo Gravatar

    In a post today he did say for sure that he voted for him. I hope Barry gets in.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Joe Morgan: Wow.

    It’s pretty cool that George Foster wiggled his way in the discussion for a few years there in the late ’70s. The same goes for Dave Parker as well.

  3. JTNo Gravatar

    That’s a pretty good article. And I agree about Morgan…WOW. Too bad he can’t call a good game.

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