New BP Jerseys?

Are these new Reds batting practice jerseys for 2010?
Tonight I noticed that the Reds’ Yorman Rodriguez and Juan Duran were sporting a new style of Cincinnati Reds jersey in this set of photos on the front of Any chance those are new batting practice jerseys for 2010? A new hat hit the streets in early December, and the way that MLB likes to change up the BP gear every couple of seasons it makes sense. Since it appears to be grey and has “Cincinnati” across the chest as oppose to the Reds “Crest-C” logo, does that give us a hint there may be home and away versions of the BP jersey?

Interestingly, Duran is wearing the old style BP cap in that photo, which IS on sale.

If it is the new BP jersey and not a fashion jersey the guys are sporting on the temporary tip (check out Janish rockin’ the replica), we may be getting a little sneek-peak of the new duds to be worn out in Arizona. Speaking of fashion jerseys, I’m glad they’re not wearing this train-wreck.

Now, the BP jersey that’s been used the past few seasons is not on clearance or sale at, but I have seen it on sale at places like Dick’s and other sporting goods stores. A sale on them would definitely indicate a change coming, but it may be a bit too early to tell from that.

As for the look? It’s hard to tell what they look like overall, but initial reaction is a bit… “eh”. A too much piping for my taste, and the extra red panels in the front don’t do much for me either. Yeah, a classic look is well… a classic look, and I don’t mind incorporating some modern twists in a BP jersey, but sometimes they start looking like high school jerseys. For now, I’ll wait to see what the entire thing looks like before I totally bash it.

Any word out there on a new BP jersey from Majestic? What do you all think?


  1. StephenNo Gravatar

    This uni was the away uni for the 09 GCL Reds, former rookie ball for the Reds, now AZL Reds. 09 was the first year of the uniforms, and i assume they still use them for AZL Reds

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Stephen – Thanks so much for the info!

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