Road Trip: Soxfest

The "Big G" can't to see us!
Yep, it’s true. We’ll be in Chicago this weekend for Soxfest. Nope, our eyes are not wondering, we’re just lookin’ to soothe our mid-winter lack-of-baseball blues. The Alrodis-Fever is only going to go so far, ya know?

We’re heading out on the Megabus this morning, and bringing you our trip via the Tweets. Since it’s not a Reds related shindig, we won’t pound you too much, but if something Redlegs comes up, you know we’ll blow it way out of proportion. It’s our promise to you.

We are worried about one thing – Our White Sox friend and ringleader for the weekend is a tad obsessed with Gordon Beckham’s mane. We’re not so sure about those south-siders. But, we’ll hold judgement until after this weekend.

Oh, we are totally buying Ozzie Guillen and drink at the hotel bar. That cat is allllllllright.

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  1. I look forward to hearing how it compares to Redsfest.

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