Speaking of Riverfront

Mr. Red #3 won the final Mr. Red Race at Riverfront. *Tear*

Mr. Red #3 won the very last Mr. Red Race at Cinergy Field Riverfront Stadium on September 22, 2002. Since we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds, we are feeling a bit nostalgic about Riverfront. Some others probably feel the same way when they say the new Mr. Red race “Sucks“. Hey, not our words!

Btw, the photo we took above looks eerily similar to this great Red Race t-shirt. Hmmmmm….

Does anyone out there have video footage of an old Mr. Red Race? We would LOVE to see it. We’ve been striking out with our searches on YouTube.

While poking around on reds dot com recently, we noticed that the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum is running a series called “This Week in 1990 Reds History,” highlighting all the happenings of the Reds during 1990. Not only are they giving us all the key transaction dates and players birthday (Happy D-day, Chris Hammond – 1/21), they are also giving us the general sediment of the fans at the time, and how after a .500 Bengals season just ended, the Reds weren’t looking to fare much better. This should be a great little piece to follow the entire year.


  1. My favorite was Riverfront piece was the Kahn’s Big Red Smokey commercial where the umpire makes a call at home plate, “You’re… a hot dog?”

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Totally, that was a great one. Love how the manager is arguing with the umpire saying that he’s not a hot dog, he’s a “Big Red Smokey”. Great stuff.

    Could go for a Big Red Smokey right now too…

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