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Presidential Man Cave Approved

Presidential Man-Cave Approved

1979 Topps baseball set wrapper

Wrapper from the 1979 Topps baseball set

Yup, we know. Your New Year’s resolution for 2010 was not to finally get into better shape, but to finish off the Man Cave you’ve been constructing over the past few years. Sure, you have the drywall mostly done, some paint here and there and a closet full of momorabilia to hang above the leather couch your wife hates. Gotta say though, the new bar you installed looks great! It’s the one that you ripped out of your uncle’s basement since he was upgrading. Sweeeeet.

So, your framed Adam Dunn autographed replica jersey is only going to fill up so much space. We know what you’re thinkin’ – FATHEAD! But really, you’re a man of style and substance, and a FATHEAD! of Jay Bruce just won’t cut the Crosley Field Mustard with your discerning sense of Reds decor. Johnny Bench? Maaaaaybe. Well, Topps has the solution for you – vintage baseball card wapper designs. Choose graphic styles ranging from the 50s to the 80s to adhere to the walls of your nearly complete Man Cave. There are many designs and color combinations for you to work with and match your Cave’s color pallet. But, really… everything goes with a black leather couch! Especially this one (ceiling mirror not included).

If you’re more of a rennasiance man when it comes to your sporting event collecting, they also have wall graphics featuring hockey, football and basketball wapper designs. If sports isn’t your thang, you might want to pick up a Garbage Pail Kid or this Pirate Monkey.

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  1. DaveNo Gravatar

    Dude, those are seriously badass. I would honestly rather have one of those than a fathead of some dude who’s going to get traded in a year or two. I’m actually surprised that they’re all only $14.95.

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