Reds Caravan: C-Bus

Brandon Phillips signing autographs

Brandon Phillips signs autographs at the Reds Caravan stop in Columbus

The OMGreds posse kicked around the idea of a quick Reds Caravan road trip to maybe Athens or Louisville or some other stop for a night, but schedules were tight and nothing came of it. So, it was out of the blue when Twitter told me that the Reds Caravan was at the same spot in Columbus I was heading to Sunday morning.

Really, I was really planning to go there. The Reds were not involved with my plans at all. I SWEAR. It was just a nice coincidence. SWEAR.

As the Caravan stop at Polaris Fashion Place (MALL) was just kicking off, I hit the road from Cincinnati to Columbus.

In spite of the I-71 being patrolled by EVERY SINGLE State Trooper in the state of Ohio, I made good time and actually caught the last 30 minutes of the autograph session, getting in line right outside of JC Penny. Oh, I how I love Pennys. Anyways, though Reds officials let us back-of-the-liners know that we probably won’t make it through the line in time, but we stuck it out anyways. We were soon rewarded by a very kind Brandon Phillips, who hopped up from his seat on the stage and came out to make sure that every person in line that wanted an autograph and/or photo with him was taken care of. Total class act. This was the last stop of the weekend tour for these guys and I’m sure they wanted to head home, but they took care of everyone. I also managed to snag an auto from Zach Cozart and Glenn Braggs right before they bugged out. All those guys couldn’t have been any nicer.

Glad I made the stop in C-Bus to hook-up with the Reds Caravan.

While I didn’t get much in the way of photos (sorry!) make sure you check out Jamie Ramsey’s blog, Better Off Red. There is a plethora of photos and stories from all the 2010 Reds Caravan stops. Great stuff. While Redsfest is awesome for us fans here in Cincy, the Reds really do their best to take care of the rest of Reds Country.

UPDATE: Make sure you check out The Writer’s Journey for photos and autographs from Saturday’s Caravan stop at National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton on Saturday.

For even more, Red Hot Mamma has posted some photos from the Muncie, IN stop on Saturday.

Looks like the Reds inked Orlando Cabrera. Nice upgrade at short. We are really rooting for Janish, but this is great. Hopefully The OC can produce this year.

Our boy Slyde over at Red Reporter is at Reds Fantasy Camp. We couldn’t possibly be more jealous. Have a great week, dude!


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    Awesome. The Bruce bus was on a tight schedule in Dayton and *had* to leave at 5:30 to make it to their next stop on time (a private event), so the players didn’t really have the option to hang around and sign for everyone in line. There were probably a hundred people that weren’t able to get their stuff signed because of the time restraints. Hopefully next year they were schedule more time at certain stops such as Dayton where the turnout was bigger.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Yeah, I saw some of the photos from the Dayton stop – yours and the Reds – it looked packed. It’s great so many people came out for the Caravan.

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