A whole new ballgame

I post CNATI‘s video of Aroldis Champman’s first live batting practice session for two reasons:

1) ZOMG! Aroldis is a friggin’ beast! Holy crappa-ziodz! Hearing the reactions from Walt, Alonzo and others on his session and how good Alrodis stuff looks gets this Reds fan pretty jacked. Here’s some more vid from John Fay

2) The media ballgame has changed folks. The amount of information – data, video, photos coming out of spring training this year is unreal. You cannot keep up with it. Just for the Reds – between CNATI, The Fayanator, Mark Sheldon and Jamie Ramsey, there is so much media flying at you so fast, it’s hard to remember this is just THE FIRST WEEK OF CAMP. Two years ago (or even last year?) we would have never seen Aroldis’ bullpen session on video, much less within an hour of it happening. Getting instant reaction from players thru the media via Twitter is awesome.

Plus, we how else would we get such fine breaking news as Jonny Gomes’ mohawk? Seriously, we love it.

We’ll see how long the pace keeps up… but one thing is for sure, things in sports coverage have shifted in a big way – even from last season. Keep it up, guys.

Chapman vs:
Chris Burke, Chris Heisey
Chris Burke
Yonder Alonso

Any more “Chapman vs:” video floating our there?

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