Here’s a donut for ya

A donut - for the Reds!

Round shell, strawberry filling, white icing, red sprinkles.

Good morning, Reds! Have a donut on us. We designed it especially for you. But, maybe wait until later to eat it. You’ve got some wind sprints to do on that hill this morning and we don’t want you jacking on Bronson Arroyo’s cleats. He’s not cool with that.

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  1. Fay Vegas AlanNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the donut.

    Geez Louise, who would have thought that designing an online donut could be such a process. My phone number? Passwords? Secret questions? Terms and conditions? Oh well, the price we must pay…

    Kids today don’t know how lucky they’ll have it in the future. They’ll be able to design online donuts willy nilly. Without terms and conditions.

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