2010 Opening Day Poster

OMGreds 2010 Opening Day Poster

Urban brick wall used for cool effect

Folks, make sure you have a fresh magenta toner in your color printer at work, cause it’s going to be workin’ overtime on this bad boy.

OMGreds is bustin’ out a freebie for you today, a downloadable poster to hang on your cubical wall. Make sure you don’t tack it into the drywall… it’s against building policy to put holes in the wall, no matter how small. If you need to, grab some of that sticky putty stuff from the middle-aged lady in the front of the office with eight kids and a grandchild on the way. She has tons of that kinda stuff. You know, the lady that always has stamps? Yeah…

So, in honor of our excitement for Opening Day and our admiration for all things a little weird, here’s the OMGreds 2010 Opening Day poster. It’s yours for free. Print this bad boy out and hang it with pride. Shoot, send us a photo of it next to your desk if you like. Plaster your boss’ door with it. Wrap a last-minute gift in it. Take a lighter to the damn thing, or just ball it up and toss it in the corner of your basement. We would love to see it out in the wild. It may be the first in a series. Depends on if we work up the will to craft another. Stay tuned for that mess.

Really, double-check the magenta toner – you won’t want to be sending this sucker off to the black & white HP LaserJet 5000 in the printer room.

>> Download the 2010 Opening Day Poster

In The Wild
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  1. freestyle55No Gravatar

    The words below say “FRIST PITCH”…might want to adjust that…otherwise, it looks awesome…

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    @freestyle55 Thank You!

    So much for proofing the heck out of it… haha.

    New version uploaded. Make sure you grab a new one.

  3. PhilNo Gravatar

    Nice! But “attendance” is misspelled.

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Thanks, Phil!

    We have fired our proofreader.

    New poster uploaded! Get it while it’s hot!

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