Walt is Pete Rose

By that I mean he’s No. 14. As in the 14th best general manager in baseball, according to SI.com’s Tim Marchman. Though I’m not exactly sure why. I enjoyed reading the GM rankings piece but took issue with Marchman’s one-paragraph (which he provided with each GM ranking) explanation about Jocketty. Here’s how it read:

You could certainly make an argument that Jocketty should rate higher given his great success with the St. Louis Cardinals, the best team in the National League last decade. Given how much of that success came down to Albert Pujols’ reign of terror, the presence of all-time great manager Tony La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan’s ability to nurse terrific performances out of incredibly sketchy pitching talent, though, there’s only so much credit to go around.

I may have glossed over it, but I don’t see any mention of “Cincinnati” or “Reds” in that explanation. Nor any player on the Reds or deal he’s made. Do you? Did I miss it? He HAS already made some moves as a general manager here, hasn’t he?

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  1. wanderinredsfanNo Gravatar

    I’m not really sure we want to mention Walt’s moves up to this point. I mean really, do we want to mention the debacles at CF (CPat and T-virus) and SS up to this point? How about the Rolen trade, which most agree is a move in the opposite direction the Reds should be going. Or perhaps the contracts to Mike Lincoln, Jerry Hairston, Ramon Hernandez, or Arthur Rhodes are ‘gems’ worth noting. I don’t know if I’ve been impressed with anything that Walt has accomplisehd up this point, other than signing Chapman and other latin youngsters. If the team goes in the tank by mid-season, I guess we’ll get a chance to see what Jocketty is really made of. Unfortunately, I’m not overly optimistic considering the return, or lack thereof, we got in return for Dunn.

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