Five observations from Friday’s game

1) Mike Lincoln as a starter? I don’t get it. I missed the explanation about why the Reds feel they need to add Lincoln to the mix of contenders for the No. 5 spot. I’ve got nothing against him – had him sign a card at RedsFest and thought he was a very nice guy – but what is it about the back of his card that suggests he should go back to being a starter?

(Easy for me to say, I realize, after he went 1 1/3 and gave up four runs on seven hits.)

2) Dusty’s quote:

“I think there was some nerves and jitters with this new ballpark,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

Jitters? For Spring Training? In front of 4,631 fans? REALLY?

3) Kind of a rough day for our man Sam LeCure, unfortunately. He gave up a three-run bomb to Tribe prospect Nick Weglarz, a Canadian who probably wants to kick my ace for my tongue-in-cheek Votto post from the other day. :D Unearned runs, though … Sam should’ve been out of the inning. And we’ve still got Sam making the roster out of Spring Training AND being named Fans Choice Bobblehead for the July 31 game against Atlanta. Go Sam!

4) Even worse day, you could argue, for Yonder Alonso. 0-for-2 with 2 Ks … and 2 errors. Ouch.

5) I know I already mentioned it in No. 2, but is anyone else surprised that the Reds’ first Spring Training game ever at Goodyear Stadium only drew 4,631. It holds 10,300.

Also, Will Leitch’s Reds preview on is entertaining and worth a read. He’s a huge Cardinals fan who acknowledges that “no team in the division scares me as much as the Reds do.” Interesting.

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