Heavy Artillery

Reds' Heavy Artillery - 2010 Topps Heritage

2010 Topps Heritage Awesomeness

During my trip to Baseball Card Corner in Montgomery, I picked this bad-boy up. Makes you giddy for this season, doesn’t it?

Reds' Heavy Artillery - 1961 Topps

Vintage Artillery

This 2010 card featuring Juan Francisco, Jay Bruce and Joey Votto is an homage to the original 1961 Topps “Reds’ Heavy Artillery” card. That vintage awesomeness featured Hall of Famer Frank Robinson as well as Reds Hall of Famers Vada Pinson and Gus Bell. Of course, in 1961 the Reds won the NL Pennant and lost to the mighty Yankees in the World Series. Here’s hoping the 2010 Reds can capture some of that magic and reach the World Series again.

How ’bout some Bruce & Votto in the same pack of cards? It’s an omen. A good one.

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