One. Oh. Two.

Aroldis Chapman - 102
Apparently, Aroldis Chapman hit 102 MPH on a scouts gun during today’s spring training game against the Royals.


UPDATE: Looks like the scout that reported the 102 was nowhere to be found, but it still stands that Aroldis was tossing gas today.


  1. William HatterNo Gravatar

    100 vs. 102? Pffft. What a busted signing. He should be hitting 105 by now….lol

    wow…absolutely amazing arm on this kid. I am so excited to see him play.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    My Gawd… 105 would be insane. I think we’ll call that the Ludicrous Pitch.

    No… We’ll call it PLAID.

  3. OMGoodness! The Cuban missile has come home. What an arm!

  4. I’m sorry to play party pooper here because I’m as excited as anyone to have Chapman wearing a Reds uniform… but it takes a LOT more than a strong arm to be a successful major league pitcher, especially a stater which I think we all expect him to be. I’m not sold until I see him locate 3 quality pitches for strikes on a consistent basis.

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