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2010 Reds Season Tickets featuring Topps baseball cards
I wish we could say we got a phatty package of Reds season tickets in the mail this week, but alas, we are more single-game purchasers these days. We look to move up in the world soon though. Watch out!

But for now, we can gank a friend’s season ticket package for a little photo session. See, the 2010 Reds season ticket design includes Topps baseball cards designs from past and present. Great… something else to collect, right? Gladly.

The Reds broke the news last week with a little preview of the design and like you, we’ve been curious to see whose cards are included. Today we got a look at the ticket book and we must say it’s pretty cool to see them all together. Topps designs diggin’ all the way back to 1954 are in full-color on each ticket. It’s a great look back at baseball card design as well as the great history of our very own Reds.

Now, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen baseball cards on a season ticket. We caught a game Tigers game at Comerica Park in 2008 and picked up a ticket featuring a 2008 Topps card of Pudge Rodriguez. We’re not sure if any of the other Tigers tickets featured vintage designs, though.

With the exclusive contract Topps has with MLB now, this has to be another cog in the marketing machine that just kicking into gear for 2010. Even the Topps Million Card Giveaway is gaining some serious traction in the market. How do I know this? My parents are even jacked up about it after hearing about it on the radio – haha.

Back to the Reds… 24 cards are featured in the 81-ticket booklet. Well, 84 if you count the three extras at the end of the book.

Here is a full list of cards, listed in the order they appear during the season:

2010 Francisco Cordero
1957 Ted Kluszewski
1986 Mario Soto
1965 Joe Nuxhall
2007 Brandon Phillips
1972 Tony Perez
1977 Johnny Bench
1959 Frank Robinson
2008 Johnny Cueto
1980 Joe Morgan
1986 Tom Browning
2010 Joey Votto
1989 Barry Larkin
2010 Scott Rolen
1965 Jim O’Toole
1969 Lee May
2008 Homer Bailey
1961 Gus Bell
1964 Jim Maloney
1954 Chuck Harmon*
2010 Bronson Arroyo
1986 Eric Davis
1967 Chico Cardenas
2009 Jay Bruce

Reds Ticket featuring a 1954 Topps Chuck Harmon

1954 Topps Chuck Harmon

*Chuck Harmon’s card falls on the Civil Right Game – Saturday, May 15th. The Reds will also be giving out a 1954 Chuck Harmon replica jersey that day to the first 20,000. Should be a good one.

If you’re a fan that has season tickets, or goes to a lot of games ON someone/someplace that has season tickets, it can be fun to follow a season ticket design throughout the season. For example, some great seasons to get Reds tickets from are 2002 (the last season at Riverfront Stadium) and 2008 (the 50th Anniversary of the Reds Hall of Fame).


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    I bought the 2008 book last summer. It’s an awesome collectible. I can’t wait for this season to be over so I can buy an unused 2010 book.

  2. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    That’s not a bad idea. Might get in on that at season’s end.

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