A man of contradictions

Direct quotes from Adam Dunn that appear in the first item of a washingtonpost.com notebook, when asked about the importance of playing in all 162 games in a season, which he’s never done. (He played in 161 in 2004 and has played in 160 twice.)

“It’s hard to play 162. I’d like to try. I love playing.”

“I think that there are some days you need to take off. You don’t need to play 162 games. You don’t need to. We got guys that are very capable of playing. I think about 155, that’s a good number. You got to have a break.”

“I really don’t care. I got a lot of other things to worry about than playing 162 games. But I’ll try this year. Do I think that it’s necessary? No.”

Hmmm … I actually feel a little dumber. And I’m a little surprised he didn’t try to take a potshot at the Reds while discussing his fascination/indifference with regard to playing every game in a season. I’m sure he thought about tacking on a “since I’m not a Red anymore” to the end of the “I love playing” sentence.

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