1990: A Sabobration

1990 exhibit commemorative pin

1990 Exhibit - The Commemorative Pin!

Last night the Reds Hall of Fame kicked off their 1990 exhibit with “A Wire-To-Wire Celebration”. This fantastic event showcased the newly christened 1990 exhibit and featured two members of the 1990 team – Chris Sabo and Herm Winningham. Both took a few moments to talk about their careers and the 1990 team during the buffet dinner.

Mo Eggar with Reds Hall of Famer members Leo Cardenas and Him O'Toole

Mo Eggar with Reds Hall of Famer members Leo Cardenas and Him O'Toole

Along with the two 1990 stars, a handful of Reds Hall of Famers were also in attendance, including Chuck Harmon (Signed cards for our table!), Jim O’Toole and Chico Cardenas. Both O’Toole and Cardenas spoke during dinner and were, as they always are, entertaining.

A silent auction last night benefitted the Reds Hall of Fame. The most interesting item was probably this Aroldis Chapman signed baseball. Pur-dy! The most awesome-est was this Cesar Geronimo autographed stand-up. Comes with a Reds Man-Cave Approved Certificate of Awesomeness.

At the end of the night, we got a chance to chat with 1530Homer’s very own Mo Egger, who hosted the event with class. Being that Mo and I are about the same age – we saw the 1990 season play itself out through similar viewpoints – young, crazy, pre-teen kids (pimples!?) that loved our Reds.

Painting of Rob Dibble by Cincinnati artist Brent Naught

Painting of Rob Dibble by Cincinnati artist Brent Naught

As for the exhibit – it’s a must-see for any Reds fan, of course. The exhibit space features a space-ship like model of Riverfront Stadium for fans to walk through and peruse memorabilia from the 1990 season. It’s a trip. A huge display featuring jerseys for each player on the ’90 squad takes the north wall of the exhibit. On the opposite wall is a timeline highlighting events (Remember when Ron Oester shaved his head?) and happenings (hey-oh!) during the season capped with an analog replica of the Riverfront digital scoreboard. While you take all this in, former Reds PA announcer Jon Braude calls out the line-up for your World Champion Cincinnati Reds.

Our only complaint is this: While dessert was served (and really good) we would have loved to have seen the helmet sundae cart busted out. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

No bones about it, we’re Reds Hall of Fame fan-boys advocates. Make sure you check out the exhibit while you’re at the ballpark this season. Sounds like the Hall is going to have a nice line-up of events this summer too. Should be fun.

Oh, how about this killer pin? I’m rockin’ this all season long on my out-of-service HyperColor t-shirt. Don’t forget the Jamz.

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