OMGreds - Back in Red
Hey folks, thanks for playing along with our little gag. Don’t worry, none of us are defecting from our Reds fandom anytime soon.

We can’t let this opportunity go without thanking the other Reds blogs out there and the love they gave us when we played dead Wednesday. Plus, all our fans on the Tweetz. There were a few of you that “Made the Call” – @mikerrr (via DM), @bigleaguestew and @dmoody. But, the outpour of angst about our shuttering was heart-warming. You guys are all the best. We feel like jerks now :) haha

To all the folks out there that knew it was a joke the whole time and thought it was lame: That’s cool too.

But, How Could We Leave?
Really, how could we leave when shizz like this is going down? Um… we’re not taking credit here, but… yeah… we’re not here to talk about the past.

Opening Night
A.K.A. Game Two: Two Cold to Hold. We’ll be hitting up the game with our H-Skillets over at Red Reporter for the Reds Polyfleecie Spree. Really though, what are the odds that Joe “My Honda Don’t Want None” Morgan will sign my ‘72 Topps? Slim? None? In one in a hundred? Whatever. We may even have some buttons with us, so come ready with your stoopid human tricks tuned up and ret to go.

But The Joke’s On Us
Well, here’s the funny thing – when we made a quick check on our traffic numbers, we were stunned how many visitors we were getting on the day we S that D. Well, after some quick analysis, it was obvious that all the traffic we were getting was from folks searching for “Kiana Kim” and landing here and/or here. Haha… looks like Kiana was back in the news this week, as she and Pete were on Stern Tuesday and announced that Kiana was going to appear in Playboy. Looks like our Googling homeboys where hoping to get a peek to see how huuuuuuuge Kiana’s tracks of land really are. Well, there ya go – looks like the egg was really on our face. haha.

On a Personal Note
Even though baseball season is about to unleash its wrath on us soon, OMGreds might be a wee bit quieter in the coming months. My wife and I are expecting our first child on 4/11 – It’s a boy and he’s a first baseman. Can’t wait. So, I’ll be tied up with that for a little while (life) and might not make it to the ballpark as much this season. Full reports on the quality of the family restrooms at GABP are coming your way though. The rest of the OMGreds staff will be taking care of you… just with less fake mustache and more real beard.

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