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Sushi at Great American Ball Park!

Our boy C Trent beat us to the punch, but we have to weigh on Paul Daugherty’s grumbling about the new Sushi menu at Great American Ballpark. Believe me, we lot hotdogs as much as the next brah, but come on! In the name of progress, choice and somewhat healthy options, why on earth does Sushi not have a place at the yard? Yeah, we’re smack dab in the middle the beer belt, but go to any ballpark west of the Arch and your going to find Sushi, fish tacos, burritos, Jamaican Jerk Chicken salads, you name it. Don’t tell me Sushi or any of that other stuff doesn’t have its place at the ballpark.

If the Reds had Sushi at Cinergy Field ten years ago, would it have been successful? Na, probably not. The ‘Nati just wasn’t ready for it. But that’s what great about the game of baseball and the beauty of going to the ballpark – it changes with time. Promotions, fashion, food, it all evolves as the Longines clock ticks on. If the Reds or any other ball club would have stuck with the fare served up in 1963, no one would eat at the ballpark anymore. Yeah, we love encased meats. Do we have to eat them everytime we’re at the ballpark? Do we always have to get a beer? If I rock a Gin & Tonic (Saphire) does that make me any less of a fan? Heck, sit me out in the Moon Deck, give me a plate of Pad Thai, a California Roll and a couple of G & Ts, and I’ll heckle Fukudome as much as the next guy. But, that’s easy. I’ll just heckle Paul instead.

Really though, it’s just something easy for P-Doc to pick on. Thank gawd he doesn’t run the team – or our boy Votto would be in Oakland rooming with Adam Rosales. Yeap.

Btw, they apparently have great cupcakes at Petco Park.

Foods on conveor belts

The world famous Yo! Sushi Conveyor belt

The world famous Yo! Sushi Conveyor belt

Aright, the Sushi hasn’t even been served yet at the GABP, but we’re already jonesin’ for a Sushi bar overlooking the field complete with Sushi conveyor belt. Any place that has food on a conveyor belt is alright with us. Kobayashi would agree.

Official Rating: 3 OMGs and a Holycrap
Oh my heavens, speaking of #awesome food at ballparks… we’ve been to 5/3 Field in Toldeo and have had a Mud Hens helmet sundae. Bar none, Toledo has one of the best helmet sundae stands in all of baseball. Well, they’ve upped that anti this year. Check out the Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze Sunday (Sundae?). Here are the deets:


FIFTH THIRD FANATIC FREEZE SUNDAY (15 SCOOPS) – 3 flavors of your favorite Toft’s ice cream x 5 scoops of each delicious flavor = 1 colossal sweet treat and a souvenir helmet! Topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, and cherries. Served in a souvenir full size helmet! Served at Casey’s Creamery/Taco Hut and Home-Run Hot Dogs.

Put that on a conveyor belt straight to my mouth.

(h/t Ben’s Biz Blog)

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