Enough already

OK, who else is ready for any Cardinal other than Albert Pujols to beat the Reds?

Can we PLEASE pitch around this guy? And if you don’t want to draw criticism (like teams did when they used to put Barry Bonds on first every time), just don’t give him anything to hit. Keep it off the plate. Or pitch him inside (we didn’t do that Monday until it was too late).

It’s like we forget during every offseason. I’m so sick of the “Aw-shucks, we got beat by Pujols again” crap. Like we DON’T expect him to go 4-for-5 with 4 runs scored and 3 RBIs. What a crock. I’m actually surprised he only had 3 RBIs. I would’ve set the over/under at 4.

John Fay argues that the Reds didn’t really have a good opportunity to pitch around the 3-time MVP. “Don’t fault the Reds for not walking Pujols” reads the headline on the front of Cincinnati.Com. C’mon. Nobody on with two outs in the first: Don’t give him anything to hit. I’d rather take my chances against Holliday. You’ve got two outs. Put Pujols on – I’m fine with that.

How many total bases did Albert have on Monday? 10. Twice as many as he would’ve if we’d have walked him five times. And I know it’s all based on the situation and Mike Lincoln gave up a lead-off single to Brendan Ryan in the 7th but you absolutely cannot groove one to Pujols on the first pitch of the at-bat! And THAT was the blow that killed the Reds. That made a 4-2 game (against a shaky St. Louis bullpen) a 6-2 game.

Holliday bats behind Pujols, right? What are his career numbers against the Reds? I bet they’re not the .361 with 40 homers and 118 RBIs against the Reds that Albert ENTERED OPENING DAY with (and gladly added to). Holliday entered .318/3/15 against the Reds. Plus he’s not the most feared hitter in baseball. I think I’d rather pitch to him.

Yes, I know there’s A LOT more to it than that. And there are a lot of much higher priorities to consider as far as matchups and situations are concerned than how a guy has done against you. I’m just tired of watching this guy beat us time and time again.

“Pujols’ career numbers against the Reds aren’t off the chart – for him,” Fay argues. Huh? Well, let’s see, now Pujols is .365/42/122 against us. As pointed out during our offseason post about how Albert is just about the biggest Reds Killer around, we made mention of huge numbers Pujols has posted against the Reds. Let me update those figures …

Pujols’ 42 home runs against the Reds are his most against any team. His 121 RBIs against the Reds are his second most (to the Pirates – 122) against any team. His 131 runs scored against the Reds are his most against any team. And the Reds have struck Albert out a lot less (only 37 times) than any other team in the NL Central.

Against National League teams, he’s only got a higher batting average (.373) against Pittsburgh. He’s hitting .365 in 623 career at-bats against the Reds. That’s more at-bats than he’s ever had in a season (because he walks a ton) but it’s better than he’s ever batted in a season (he hit .359 in 2003 and .357 in 2008).

He’s the biggest Reds Killer around, and not even Lance Berkman can give him a run for his money anymore :) Pitch around him!



    I said it when he first walked to the plate this afternoon. I looked up from my laptop and he was walking to the plate and I just said..”walk him” and next thing I know he’s hitting one out of the park

  2. Nicole McNeesNo Gravatar

    Apparently we will NEVER learn!
    Walk him!!!!!!!

  3. DerrizNo Gravatar

    Perhaps when he gets into the HoF, Cinny will get an honorable mention.

  4. chuckNo Gravatar

    it not like hes hitting .800 , well 4 for 5 is .800 dusty

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